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Understanding Colour Values and Tone for Better Painting

  There are three primary colours. Red, blue and yellow. Amazingly all colours can be made from these three colours. Mixing blue and yellow makes green. Mixing blue and red makes purple. Mixing red and yellow makes orange. I find this magical how just by mixing two different colours can make a completely new colour. Of course, there is also white and black which aren't colours but when mixed with colours can change the tone either lighter or darker. Obviously adding white lightens the tone. You will find that you use three times more white than any other paint. It is what can bring those distant soft lights to your skies and water. For the darks, I don't actually use...

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How to blend colours with oil paint

  The above oil painting is my latest and has quite a bit of blending of colours to it. I tend to start with the distance and work my way to the foreground. In this case, the sky was first. There are several colours that are blended. Red, orange, yellow, cerulean blue, cobalt blue, magenta, a touch of Payne's grey and as always, lots of white. Once I roughly know where I want the colour, I lay each colour down with a large brush for each colour. (75 mm or larger, depending on the canvas size) I work quite large. It's important to have a separate brush for each band of colour so they don't mix together.The paint is mixed...

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