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Understanding Colour Values and Tone for Better Painting

  There are three primary colours. Red, blue and yellow. Amazingly all colours can be made from these three colours. Mixing blue and yellow makes green. Mixing blue and red makes purple. Mixing red and yellow makes orange. I find this magical how just by mixing two different colours can make a completely new colour. Of course, there is also white and black which aren't colours but when mixed with colours can change the tone either lighter or darker. Obviously adding white lightens the tone. You will find that you use three times more white than any other paint. It is what can bring those distant soft lights to your skies and water. For the darks, I don't actually use...

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The Importance of Composition in Art

  The important role that shape and size play in your paintings. Sometimes when you are all set up with your new white canvas in front of you and all your paints and brushes laid out ready to go, you feel a little daunted about where to start but also excited. To start off you generally focus on placement. Where you place things and the size you use is very important. For example, if you are going to put a horizon line into a landscape then it's best not to put it through the center of your picture. It is more pleasing to the eye to either put it one-third or two-thirds of the way down from the top of...

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