I Love My Art Studio in Cygnet, Tasmania.

I Love My Art Studio in Cygnet, Tasmania.

Welcome to my art studio, the place where I can let my creativity run wild and bring my oil landscapes to life. This space is more than just a room; it's a dedicated area designed to inspire and facilitate my artwork. Every inch of this studio is tailored to my needs and preferences, making it the perfect place for me to focus on my work. Located right behind our house it gives me access to the kitchen, bathroom and our art gallery.
I have also added a surrounding deck which is great to sit out on and for contemplation.


I love this studio because it's where I can immerse myself in my passion for painting. It's designed with ample natural light, which helps me to see the true colors of my work and create my best possible pieces including ceiling skylights. The walls are painted white, which enhances the natural light and keeps the focus on my art. There is a dedicated space for taking photographs of my artwork as I produce my own fine art prints that I sell both online and in my art gallery.

When I designed this studio, I was very intentional about creating a space that was both functional and beautiful. I also added unique features, such as two sets of glass french doors and a timber ceiling. The studio is nestled in a beautiful garden, which enhances the ambiance and creates a peaceful environment. The garden is filled with all sorts of plants and ferns as my wife is a great gardener, which provide a natural habitat for the many wild animals that come to visit including Wallabies, Birds, Possums and Bandicoots. The sounds of nature and the fresh air help me to feel calm and centered while I'm working on my art.

One of the best things about my studio is that it allows me to focus without any distractions. There are no televisions or other distractions other than my computer in the room, so I can fully immerse myself in my artwork. This allows me to create pieces that truly reflect my artistic vision.

In conclusion, my art studio is a space that I designed and helped to build with a lot of love and care. It's the perfect place for me to create my oil landscapes and express my creativity.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have this space, and I look forward to many years of creating beautiful pieces here.

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