Our wall is now a beautiful reminder of our trip to paradise. Oh my heart. Overflowing. Your paintings are just beautiful. Thank you also for the print. It's one of my favourites too. 
And your shipping as usual is superb !!!!!
Your paintings capture the awesome beauty and spirituality of nature like no other painter I have ever seen.
I enjoyed meeting you at the Huon Art Exhibitions Group shows and have admired your work.
Best wishes for your continued success.
Lara Giddings Former Tasmanian Premier and Minister for the Arts.
Richard. I recently purchased your original oil painting, ' Huon Valley from Vince's Saddle.' I simply want to say it's beautiful and now hangs as my main piece of artwork in my living room. Thank you for creating it.
Best wishes, Andrew Wilkie MP
" I'm in a Richard Stanley picture " That's my saying now when I'm somewhere with a spectacular view. We love your work, its brilliant.
Kind Regards Anita
 " Well Richard, you've done it again. Magnificent !! "
 "Hi Richard! Another master piece. I do enjoy the apparent stillness in your paintings :-)"
"I have been admiring your collection on line and must say they are hugely impressive."
"Wow, Rich they are stunning paintings. They are really good mate. So glad you kept at it, your work has blossomed, you could hang them in any gallery in the world. You have been working steady, steady for years now. Good on ya Richo, so proud of you."
"Fantastic painting Richard. It captures that magic time on the beach and I am now the proud owner of your original work."
"My husband and I bought your painting last year. We had 
previously seen your painting with the boys playing 
cricket on the beach, and fell in love with it. 
We had 2 grandsons (3 now) and could
imagine them playing cricket on the beach (we will be content with a print) We would've loved the original of that too but couldn't afford it at the time. It was purely chance we were in the gallery at the time!
The painting is absolutely amazing how it changes in different lights. 
We have it on a west facing wall and it is magical!
Our 2 year old grandson stands at the back of the 
Sofa and is mesmerised by it. He thinks it is 'poppy' on the beach. Thank you so
 much for this pleasure. 
Ps I love that new work on your website I want that 
too! "
Cindy and Shane 
   Congratulations Richard on a job well done...You have certainly created a beautiful piece of Art for me and on a text (Psalm 46:10) that has a lot of meaning for me...and...the art work is on You Tube! It doesn't get much better than this! Thanks heaps !"
I love it...I love the way the frames move effortlessly from one scene to the next...the music...the lighting....the ripples on the water....the sunrise....it takes you on a journey....the video gives the painting a whole new dimension....well done RICHARD!
Glenys Abrahams
Hi Richard,
We're so pleased with the painting - it has been admired greatly by many visitors (including Bob Brown and Paul T the other day!). 
Regards, Seb
Hi Richard
The painting is in transit...each day just becomes more exciting!
I will definitely let you know when the painting has arrived. I will try taking photos with clarity and forward them to you!
The " inspiration" must be working both ways...you are inspiring me...through your paintings...
Give this some thought...
Each day I will be walking into the kitchen/living area...each time I will be graced with solitude and tranquility through your paintings...regardless of the days events...or the days outcomes...
" Be still and know that I am God" surrounds me...through art...through your interpretation...it is perfect....I couldn't wish for more!
I know I am becoming philosophical ...yet again...but for me...what draws me to your paintings is that you paint from your core being...from your values...from your heart...now "that" is inspirational!
So here endeth another lesson!!
Keep painting Richard....you have a wonderful gift that needs to be shared with many....
Take care.....cheers....Glenys