Inspired by the light in Tasmania.

Inspired by the light in Tasmania.

When I first moved to Tasmania from Western Australia 24 years ago I was instantly stuck by the softness of the light. 
Being a landscape and seascape painter I am regularly looking at the sky, water, colours and shadows considering my next painting. I noticed in Tasmania how, especially in the warmer months, how the light lingers on long into the evening. This creates great subject matter for my work.

I am drawn to the 'Majestic Hour' as I call it. That beautiful time of day at dawn and dusk when the mixture of colours and tones are at there best.
It draws me back to paint it again and again and it seems my customers are glad that I do. I seem to have an emotional connection with this time of day and are constantly wanting to capture it in oil paint. I guess I am a romantic at heart.
I am trying to show the pristine, clean environment of Tasmania in my paintings and hope that my customers continue to enjoy me capturing this in paint.

Richard Stanley


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