Tasmania's Landscape. The inspiration for my oil paintings.

Tasmania's Landscape. The inspiration for my oil paintings.

I've been a landscape painter for as long as I can remember. There's something about the natural world that speaks to me in a way that nothing else does. The colors, the textures, the moods - all of it is endlessly fascinating and inspiring to me. And there's no landscape that inspires me more than Tasmania.

I live and work in Cygnet, Tasmania, surrounded by some of the most stunning natural scenery in the world. From the rugged coastline to the misty forests to the snow-capped peaks, there's always something new and beautiful to discover here. And as a painter, I feel like it's my duty to capture that beauty and share it with the world.

I work primarily in oil paint, which I love for its richness and versatility. I use a variety of techniques to create different effects, but mainly I enjoy tones with graduations from one colour to the next. But no matter what technique I use, my goal is always the same: to convey the essence of the landscape and to capture the feeling of being in that place.

One of my favorite subjects is the beautiful skies and water ways. There's something awe-inspiring about the majestic time of day at Dawn and Dusk. I enjoy also trying to capture the unique light that the Tasmanian landscape offers. The clean and pristine environment lends itself to my style of painting. People often tell me how calm my paintings are. That is mainly because I like to capture reflection in the water so you need calm conditions to produce that.

When I do begin to paint, it's a meditative process for me. I lose myself in the colors and shapes, trying to capture the light and shadow of the landscape. And when I'm finished, I feel like I've created a little piece of Tasmania that others can enjoy and appreciate.

Of course, not everyone sees the beauty of the Tasmanian landscape the way I do. Some people see it as harsh and unforgiving, or as a place to be conquered rather than appreciated. But to me, it's a place of wonder and mystery, full of secrets and stories waiting to be uncovered. And as long as I have my paintbrushes and my canvas, I'll keep exploring that landscape and sharing its beauty with the world.

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