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Free Shipping On Orders In Australia
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Limited Edition Canvas Prints

Limited Edition. (10 of each only)

Bring some colourful art to your walls with Canvas Prints.

Canvas prints are a great way to add some life to any room. This form of artwork has soared in popularity over recent years.

The quality of printing now is so good that its hard to tell the difference from the original painting. The price is also quite a bit less than an original painting so good for the budget conscious.  There's no need to put a frame around it as the canvas is stretched onto a timber frame underneath. The image wraps all the way around the sides, top and bottom of the stretcher. 
No need for glass that shows up reflections on your picture and they are quite a bit lighter to handle, without the glass and frame. You can still frame them later if you want to.
They can also be printed to a custom size you might want.
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